Yoga classes in English

You are a native speaker or you want to improve your level in English ?

The yoga classes in English are perfect for you.

You’ve never done yoga before ? Welcome. I want to make yoga accessible for everybody.

What is Yin Yoga ?

Yin Yoga is a slow-paced yoga. Each pose is held for several minutes (up to 10mn for advanced practicioners !). The poses are held passively on the floor. Yin Yoga is a great tool if you want to release all your tensions.

The modern world is very « yang » (we have to be very active and dynamic). Therefore the practice of « Yin Yoga » helps to calm the spirit and brings balance into our busy lives.

Yin Yoga benefits

A regular yin yoga practice has many benefits :

It calms and balances the body and the mind

It reduces stress and anxiety

It melts away tensions

It improves flexibility

It helps you to cultivate inner-stillness

It helps to cultivate physical ease and mental calm

What do we do in a yin yoga class ?

A Yin Yoga class lasts 1 hour. It consists in a series of asanas (poses) that are held several minutes, pranayama (breathing exercises) and a final relaxation.


Show up as you are and let’s practice together.

Please bring your mat. I highly recommend buying a thick yoga mat (6-8mm or 1.3 in). It will be more comfortable for your joints.

Depending on your flexibility, you may also need yoga cushions, yoga straps, yoga blocks and yoga blankets.

Wear comfortable clothes.

Bring a bottle of water.

Make sure you eat 2 hours at least before your yoga class.

Practical information

Yin Yoga classes in English – 1 hour – 9€

1 hour 30-13€

Please bring your equipment.

On Fridays 10:00-11:00

bookings only

It’s also possible to join another yoga group and I’ll do a bilingual class.

You would love to practice Yin Yoga but you are not available on Fridays at 10:00? Feel free to contact me and I will be delighted to offer the class on another day at another time.

You can also join another yoga class and I’ll be happy to have a bilingual class 🙂

See the complete schedule here.

Place: old school, Le Bourg, Coubeyrac

Coubeyrac is located between Castillon and Sainte-Foy-la-Grande.

Parking is free.

You can pay cash or by checks (if you have a French bank account).

Please contact me to book your yoga class, the places are limited.

Yin Yoga classes are not suitable for pregnant women or if you recover from serious injuries. Please consult with your  physician before practicing yoga.

Your yoga teacher

Hello ! My name is Amélie and I have a passion for British and American culture, literature, civilisation and yoga-of course.

My goal is to help you to relax. I also want to share with you the power of yoga- the power to reconnect your body and your mind together.

I am a certified Yin Yoga teacher.

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